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Welcome Seattle Fire Fighters!

Update on the Seattle Fire Fighter Wellness Program:

On June 15, 2017, Qliance closed all clinic operations, but the Seattle Fire Fighter Clinic at Station 2 will continue to operate as a program sponsored by the Seattle Fire Fighter Health Care Trust. If you haven’t scheduled your Fire Fighter Wellness Exam, please note that the Trust has extended the deadline to August 31st, 2017, but appointments are filling up fast, so please call or email us as soon as possible to get scheduled.

  • Health Assessment – Prevention is the key to maintaining your health. Your provider will get to know you – and any risks that you may have – through information you provide on the Health Assessment. By identifying and taking care of issues early on, we can help prevent more serious conditions from arising – keeping you out of the emergency room and out of other, more inconvenient and expensive parts of the health care system.

  • Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters – If you are scheduled for or have just gone through the Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters, you will notice it is a very comprehensive evaluation. Learn more about the elements covered in your Qliance Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters and what to expect for results.

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