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We were evaluating the feasibility of an onsite clinic when some of our employees started talking about Qliance. We approached them and they are putting a ”near site” Qliance Health Center in our building making preventive care and routine care convenient and managing chronic conditions. We’re counting on our new clinic to improve employee health and cut our total health care spend.

Employers, Marketing Manager
I only spent one minute in the waiting room, followed by fifty minutes of attentive care.
HR Manager Evie Carr, Mighty-O
I have nothing but high praise for my neighborhood clinic. Just ten minutes from home, and accessible 24/7 through front desk, phone, or email, my Qliance clinic is covering the health care needs of my family with professionalism and compassion. I have been sick over the last week and have visited my Qliance office three separate times. Normally, this would have been extremely difficult, being as sick as I was, but Qliance made it easy and my health care provider has taken me safely through a severe asthma reaction and, I’m happy to say I will return to work tomorrow after having had to take several days off. As employers and unions look for more cost-effective health care plans for their employees and members, more and more will be choosing this new model. Watch for it in your community so that you, too, can take advantage of a smart idea.
Blogger Frangipanni, UFCW member


This is the best medical practice in Seattle, period!

Current Patient, Qliance
I only spent one minute in the waiting room, followed by fifty minutes of attentive care.
Current Patient, Qliance
I never feel rushed. They make sure that I feel like they have answered all of my concerns.”
Current Patient, Qliance
Called in for an appointment as soon as possible and I get an appointment first thing in the morning-TOMORROW! LOVE IT!
Current Patient, Qliance
I can email them for non-urgent issues. I’ve had no problems making appointments for the next day if I need it.
Current Patient, Qliance
If you want a doctor who will listen and truly treat your health and wellness issues, you need to get signed up for Qliance.
Current Patient, Qliance
The practice is beautiful – very clean and beautifully decorated and the staff seem genuinely happy.

Current Patient, Qliance

We’ll tell you how our employer plans will positively impact the health of your employees — and your company.

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