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Welcome Seattle Fire Fighters!

This page is intended to provide you with the information you need to utilize your Qliance membership primary care services, including , virtual Urgent Care Access, the Qliance Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters, and ongoing Full Service Primary Care. In order to get a better picture of your overall health, you can start with these elements:

  • Health Assessment – Prevention is the key to maintaining your health. Your Qliance provider will get to know you – and any risks that you may have – through information you provide on the Qliance Health Assessment. By identifying and taking care of issues early on, we can help prevent more serious conditions from arising – keeping you out of the emergency room and out of other, more inconvenient and expensive parts of the health care system.

  • Scheduling your Annual Fire Fighter Medical Exam or Routine Office Visit

    • Call the Seattle Fire Fighter Clinic directly at 1-206-913-4737 to schedule your Qliance Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters or office visit. You may also schedule these services at any of our Qliance clinics by dialing 1-877-754-2623. Be sure to identify yourself as a Seattle Fire Fighter and our Member Services staff will be happy to assist you.

    • If you are new to Qliance complete the Fire Fighter Health History and Medical Records Release forms below. If you are an existing or returning Qliance patient, complete the Review of Systems form below

  • Qliance Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters – If you are scheduled for or have just gone through the Qliance Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters, you will notice it is a very comprehensive evaluation. Learn more about the elements covered in your Qliance Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters and what to expect for results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are offered at Qliance?

Urgent Care Access Services

  • Qliance Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters

  • Virtual Triage: Unlimited urgent care phone visits with a Qliance doctor

  • Telemedicine: 24/7 access to a MD, RN, ARNP for urgent care needs

  • Follow Up: Next day in-person follow up with Qliance as necessary or referral to another provider per patient preference

  • Personal Health Analysis: Evaluation of basic health history with recommendations; more in-depth analysis where indicated

Full Service Primary Care

  • Qliance Health Evaluation© for Fire Fighters

  • Urgent Care Access Level services

  • Preventive Care

  • Care Coordination

  • Behavior & Lifestyle Change Coaching

  • Chronic Disease Management

Who can use Qliance?

Starting in 2016, members of Seattle Fire Fighters Health & Wellness Trust as well as their spouses and dependents are automatically enrolled and eligible for care with Qliance.

Is my health information confidential?

Yes. Qliance is an independent, privately operated medical company that respects and guards your privacy. We will not share any medical records or personal information with the Trust without your express consent. For more information, please see Qliance’s Privacy Policy here.

What do I need to do to arrange for this?

Simply call any one of our clinic locations at 1.877.754.2623 to arrange for an appointment. Prior to your visit, we will need to obtain the appropriate forms mentioned above and prior medical records.

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