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Louise Boxill, ARNP

Areas of interest:

  • Family medicine
  • Integrative medicine
  • Naturopathic medicine
  • Women’s health

Louise Boxill performs numerous in-office procedures.

  • Best contact for urgent issues: Reception
  • Best contact for non-emergencies: Email response within 2 business days
  • Email OK? Yes, for non-urgent issues only
  • On-site hospital privileges? No, remote coordination of hospital care only


Louise was born in Barbados, where her upbringing was focused on the wellbeing of the whole person, nurturing healthy relationships, and promoting healing by natural means where possible. These all laid the foundation for her later career path in medicine. Following her immigration to the US, Louise’s personal experiences and challenges led her to devote her time to community service and outreach.

While at Cornell University and subsequent study abroad, Louise further explored the effects of stress and poverty and other societal and social determinants of health. It was the culmination of these experiences that eventually led her to broaden her experience and training at Bastyr University where she completed her Naturopathic Studies, as well as course work for the MSN Nurse Midwifery program, due to her interest in women’s health.

Louise strives to practice and grow in the art of medicine in service through community and as a member of a team dedicated to the promotion of optimal patient and family wellbeing with attention to the whole person. At Qliance, Louise desires to serve as a primary care practitioner who is accessible to all; a person who creates an honest and friendly-spirited partnership with each patient while providing quality health care, supporting her/his journey toward self-realization, empowerment, transformation and wellness.

A Quote from Louise Boxill

“I came to Qliance to join a team that
cares and dares to provide accessible quality care to individuals who
view the patient/provider relationship as a partnership in promoting
and achieving optimal health.”

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