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Qliance membership gives you health security with unlimited access to doctors, nurse practitioners and healthcare team experts for all of your primary care medical needs.

Need to talk to a medical professional now? Need a follow up appointment as soon as tomorrow? It’s all here at Qliance. We are not insurance so you never have copays. Access your primary care medical team anytime you need them.

We are your 24/7 healthcare advocate.

By charging a membership monthly fee (not a fee-for-service fee), you get the care you need when you need it! It’s that simple. You pay less than $100 monthly for 24/7 access to high quality Qliance primary care doctors and healthcare teams. And right now, sign up for Urgent Care Access Only for as low as $15 per month! Sign up now for Qliance Urgent Care Access or Full Service Primary Care!.

So save your insurance for the ER or hospital as it is designed, and have your very own Qliance doctor, nurse practitioner and focused medical team help you manage and navigate all of your healthcare needs.

Finally – peace of mind for just $15 a month!

Urgent Care Access

primary care24/7 access to phone or video-based triage and urgent care with in-person follow up.

To get started, simply provide basic information on you and we take it from there. If anything indicates you might benefit from further evaluation, our nurses and medical providers will provide more detailed recommendations for optimizing your health and healthcare needed services at no additional cost!

Cost: $15 per month

Full Service Primary Care

Upgrade your urgent care access membership at any time to full service primary care. Your own Qliance doctor and focused medical team will help you manage and navigate all of your healthcare needs.

urgent care access

Need employee coverage?

You can sign up your employees for Urgent Care Access Only for $15 per member per month, or Full Service Primary Care for cost based on age. Either way, you can sign up as soon as tomorrow. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Qliance client.

Looking for a clinic near you? You bet!

We have clinics throughout the Puget Sound in Lynnwood, Bellevue, Seattle, Kent and Tacoma. Remember, our virtual services place our high quality primary care doctors and healthcare teams wherever you are, with in-clinic follow up at a clinic near you when necessary. Click here to enroll in Qliance Urgent Care Access or Full Service Primary Care.

Qliance via the exchange?
No problem.

You can choose Qliance as an option through the Coordinated Care Health Plan. Sign up for AmBetter or Apple Health Medicaid on the Washington Health Benefits Exchange.

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